Monster DNA Pro Wireless Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

Back in 2012, Monster launched its premier line of headphones called DNA promising “forward” thinking design and sound. Early this month in CES 2014, a new addition in this family was unveiled with the introduction of DNA Pro Wireless over-ear headphones.

Monster Wireless DNA Pro

The DNA lines are known for its advanced wireless capabilities, effective Active Noise cancellation, USB digital audio and touch-sensing interface making it really stylish and sleek. It also features technologies to support iOS and Android mobile devices for ultimate clarity and enjoyable listening experience. The “Pure Monster Sound™ uses Monster’s latest proprietary technologies to offer the full experience of live music with extreme clarity, tight articulation and deep pounding bass that motivates to achieve at the highest level of performance.”

Furthermore, for those audiophile, this DNA Pro Wireless headphones also features a pure bypass mode via USB Direct Digital Audio which enables users wired connection for superb audio performance and one of the notable thing that its USB connection simultaneously charges the device. There’s also a special hinge that powers the device on/off when it’s folded and unfolded into its compact form –the Bluetooth is also turned on when it’s unfold. A sensor is also placed in its ear cups so when it’s over your ear, it’ll activate its Active Noise Cancellation.

The DNA Pro Wireless headphones will retail for $449.95 and will be available by 2Q of 2014. Check out the full lineup of DNA headphones which are now available in

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