When hosting your business on shared or dedicated servers

There may be a few hurdles you will have to jump if you want to deploy custom software packages on a shared server. Most shared server companies will allow you to run your programs and provide SSH support, but you will likely have limited control. Your needs to organize and store your data will always come second to the needs of your host administrator. For example, the libraries you use for your programs may be shifted to different places or removed altogether based on what your administrators need.

Server Hosting

Your shared server host may also require you to maintain your own HTTP server program, as well as your own database server. There are great software programs that are designed to help you do this on your own. Some of the best are open-source servers and run with both UNIX and Windows NT operating systems. These programs are secure and help you run HTTP services based on current standards.

Shared server companies that do allow you to deploy custom software packages with ease have made accommodations for the usual shortcomings. They have designed services that allow you to have a dedicated server without paying extremely high prices. They also offer adequate support for your custom applications. This kind of company offers more of a cooperative relationship and treats businesses more like partners than clients. You can grow your business by partnering with ZeroLag, for example. Hosts like this work with you to help configure an environment that best supports your software needs and makes it easy for you to expand when the time is right.

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