How to Harness the Power of Cloud Computing

The value that cloud computing can have for businesses depends on a number of factors and can vary considerably. Here we’ll look at the primary ways in which enterprises can aim to leverage the power of the cloud.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing On Demand

Perhaps the most basic way in which businesses can look to harness the power of cloud computing is by using the associated services on demand or on a subscription, pay-as-you-use basis. Incorporating cloud computing technologies and solutions like those from Dell can be costly, so accessing the cloud and using software as a service makes a lot of sense for companies with limited capital available for investment.

Subscribing to cloud services opens up huge potential for businesses of all sizes to streamline their IT infrastructure and put powerful applications at the fingertips of employees. An on demand service setup also provides what can be very valuable operational flexibility for companies keen to experiment with new ways of working.

Creating Private Cloud Environments

After a period of time using cloud computing as part of an IT set up, many businesses decide that they’d prefer to bring the relevant architecture in-house and expand data capacities internally. To do so, companies tend to create for themselves or have established on their behalf a private cloud environment, which can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Creating a private cloud or integrating cloud computing into IT architecture can cost considerable sums of money and take time to implement effectively. However, the benefits can be enormous and very often game-changing for businesses keen to compete more effectively in their particular industry. In this sense, savvy use and integration of cloud computing solutions can be a real advantage for any forward-thinking enterprise.

Effective Management and Security

Managing your own cloud computing environments as a business can be incredibly useful and powerful in terms of allowing for innovation and for flexibility. It can also prove well worth any investment involved but it is crucial to ensure that management and oversight procedures are as stringent as they need to be.

No business can afford to be lax when it comes to data security and protecting networks, particularly with virtualization allowing for ever-greater freedom of movement and access for employees. As ever, any enterprise IT architecture is only effective if it is well managed and suitably secure.

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