Cloud VPN by Pertino

Cloud computing redefines the way people work today. It’s a giant step in both mobile and data security almost anywhere you can access the internet. Companies nowadays gear their workforce so they can work from home or anywhere else they want in order to be more productive while enjoying LEAN savings.

Pertino Cloud VPN

Pertino, a cloud VPN service, offers LAN-like connectivity between all your devices without upfront hardware costs and promises easy setup in just minutes. These are some of the features and offerings of this service.

LAN-like connectivity everywhere

A LAN in the cloud promises secure cloud-based files and application access, plus less network maintenance for connection issues.

Complete mobile access

With the vast mobile computing from your smartphone and tablet nowadays, this service supports complete mobile access through an Android app that offers the same secure access and remote desktop control.

No configuration

Ease of setup, which lets you build VPN from scratch. This lets users add new people into the network in just a few clicks. People can now skip the tedious work of knowing IP addresses and other technical setups.


Pertino promises less maintenance, is hardware-free, and most importantly has no upfront costs to setup the network. You will no longer need professional people to setup and maintain your network hardware and there is also less upgrades required.

End-to-end encryption

Protect your network with AES 256-bit encryption. This keeps your private data secure from end-to-end.

If you are a current Pertino user, then how is the experience so far? Does it live up to the promises of savings and ease of use? You can share your own experiences through the comment section below.

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