Cloud Based PBX Communication that is User Friendly and Easier

Cloud based IP PBX systems expand mobility. With the rise in popularity of smart phones, tablet computers, and Wi-Fi mobile technology and communication is a part of everyday life and business use.

PBX System

Cloud is the Future of IP Hosted PBX

Hosted IP phone systems are one of the fastest growing communication systems used in the business world. It has a specific place in small business use as well as non-traditional and home based businesses. Virtual hosted communication networks use the power of the internet to enable improved and diversified performance and cost effectiveness. There is no need to buy and maintain equipment to use a hosted system. Furthermore, since the system is internet based, calls can be made at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone provider service. Distances become bridged as calls can now be made out of area, out of state, and out of country, all for the same rate.

Ease of Hosted System Instillation

You can choose the Hosted virtual PBX system for your IP connections. These services can be established in a matter of minutes with little to no instillation. Whereas traditional phone lines or services from similar providers usually require very limited set up and ease of installation. All a user needs to do is establish service, and then connect an IP supported phone to the PBX system.

Having dedicated lines and hardware installed into your office or property is no longer necessary. Additionally there is no need for the service provider to have to send out a tech to install the system. Once your account is active and an IP enabled phone is hooked to the hosted PBX, you are ready to go.

Set up as many lines as you require each with its own extension. The cloud-based system allows offices in multiple locations or different states can even be connected on the same network. Workers can operate remotely, or in the field, with a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet computer. Or they can even work from home using a computer with Wi-Fi connection. If you require an employee to travel to different locations they can always be available to you or your clients. A mobile device can even be routed through a dedicated workspace so employees can access their entire workspace even on the road. Whatever device is connected to the cloud service from desktop phones, to smart phones, to portable computers is on the network. Each device can be linked instantly.

Connection Just Got Easier

A cloud based virtual PBX system  not only comes with ease of installation, but also gives you virtually endless opportunity and choice for all your communication needs.

  • Mobile communication. If you operate a small business of your own, technology is a valuable asset to keeping your operating costs down. A hosted PBX system like those from  users with mobile freedom to use in their office of in the field with an iPhone, Android phone, or even an Wi-Fi enabled laptop. You can make and receive calls, accept faxes, and connect to your voice message box anywhere.
  • Manage communication through the internet with a computer or tablet. The hosted PBX system uses an internet connection and can be completely controlled by you. Not only do you use the computer to control your network, it also can become a one-stop communication. Voice calls, faxes, and more can all be made through a computer or portable device. Wherever you can connect to the internet is where your network is.
  • Employees can be reached anywhere at any time. Employees can be assigned their own virtual extension number on the network. This allows them to make and receive calls from clients through any communication device.

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