CES 2014: Roku’s next generation Smart TV unveiled

At CES 2014, Roku had just announced the Roku TV, a next generation Smart TV designed for simple entertainment experience —-which basically, fits its streaming services and housed it on a hardware built from the ground to be tailored for its content and software.

Roku TV

Global TV manufacturers, TCL and HiSense will be the first partners to produce the Roku TV models. Significantly, these manufacturers are the third and fifth largest shipper of TVs worldwide. All in all, might be a win-win for the parties involved in the partnership.

As promised regarding the ease of use, Roku first removed the cluttered menus and other unnecessary features you would find on other setup. The remote control’s buttons are reduced to just 20, which is notably 50% from the normal TV remote. You can also control the TV through your mobile devices through Roku app for Android or iOS and stream from your devices through modern casting standards i.e. DIAL.

Apparently, the Roku TV will be available later this year with sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches and pricing determined by the each manufacturer.

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