Amazing Heavy Machines

From early days we saw the significant changes on how we productively construct or build infrastructure, railways and even flow-plant rice paddy. These tasks are done manually by hands, but today with the new technology and machinery these tasks are done with almost half the time and effort. Thanks to these amazing machines!


For the transformation, today we have a Brick Road Laying Machine that uses the gravity to lay the paving stone like carpet for an instant brick road. We also have a Railway Track Laying Machine that massively presses iron railway in the ground which seemed to be related to CompactAsphalt machine that lays asphalt road in an instant. How about the environmentally(kinda) friendly Tree Relocation machine that moves grown up trees from one location to another –somehow useful in road widening projects that normally cuts off trees on the way.

Tiger-Stone – Brick Road Laying Machine

Railway Track Laying Machine

Dynapac Compactasphalt Laying Machine

Tree Relocation Machine


In the field of agriculture, the advancement in harvesting and production has significantly improved back from the days that we flow and plant by bare hands —-now there are tractors and other productive machines. There’s a Krone NA Harvesting Machine that grinds crops to a quick productive harvest. There’s also Rice Planting Machine that though not that massive, it has a heavy sense of skipping the manual rice planting.

Krone NA Harvesting Machine

Rice Planting Machine


These heavy machines might not be just the machines that stunningly getting the job done, nonetheless these heavy equipments have propelled mankind on today’s progress.

Check out the videos on how these machines do their job below. Let us know how do you think about them and if you can further add some more videos in the comment form for the other heavy machines that we didn’t listed.

Videos are from YouTube.

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