CES 2014: Ultra-widescreen LG 105-inch 21:9 Curved UHDTV

The world for HDTVs are getting wider, and that’s literally with LG’s recent announcement of a 105-inch 21:9 Curved UHD TV ready to stage at CES 2014 early next month.


However, this new LG creation will be different from its 77-inch curved HD OLED TV brother as a bigger sibling will utilized LCD display with an improved TFT technology for superb and even backlighting across the curved display. Technically, it’s not 5K with 5,120 x 2,160 UHD resolution but the 105UB9 model has a wider-than-usual 21:9 “CinemaScope”.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the major details such as the availability and pricing the Korean company is still in secrecy but details should be in the table from the electronics event.

These improvements of LCD technology from LG might boosts wave of cheaper curved TVs for the following year, much from its own 55EA9800 Curved 3D OLED TV(currently on sale at Amazon with $2000 discount) and Sony’s S990A.

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