Smarter Home Appliances With LG HomeChat

LG had just outed it’s 105-inch curved UHDTV and it seemed that will be part of the company’s 2014 Smart Appliance lineup. So what you mean by that “smart” appliance? Life will be too good, if you’ll be able to chat with your home appliances and sends your commands through messaging, not to mention it’ll be natural language commands. The Korean manufacturer had just announced that you’ll be able to send commands through Line messaging app or via LG’s HomeChat.

LG Smart Appliances

One of the basic scenarios could be you’ll be leaving for a vacation, you just need to send the system that you’ll be on vacation and it’ll automatically program the refrigerator in power-saving mode as well have the vacuum cleaner scheduled a cleaning before you come home.

And these LG’s smart appliances will instantly communicate and update you with their activities, like what’s in the refrigerator and how many trips the robotic vacuum cleaner did on your room?

Furthermore, LG also added NFC tagging and smart diagnoses for its smart appliances. We can verify on how smart these appliances on CES 2014 and that will be early next year, hold on.

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