Selling your old smartphones to make money and cut waste

As odd as it might sound, you can sell your smart phone easily for cash online. Because most cell phone plans come with free upgrades periodically, it ends up leaving you with a lot of old phones that you might not have any use for. No one likes to throw away things that work, so you end up hanging on to them until they become useless and obsolete. In most cases, unless your new phone breaks, you won’t ever use the old one again. That leaves you stuck with a bunch of phones, right? Wrong.

Selling your old smartphones

Why not do what thousands of people are doing now and sell your old phones online to make some money. If you have old cell phones and smart phones, why not sell them? Even if you have some missing parts, such as the battery, you can still sell it online.

Companies take them in, refurbish them and resell them as used phones. If you have a lot of personal information on your phone, it will all be wiped out by the company buying it before it’s repaired and resold to someone else. Even if the phone isn’t working the way it should, it is used for parts or will be fixed and resold. Regardless of the condition, you can get money for your smart phone.

To start selling your phones, simply go online to a site, like, and get a quoted price for your device. Next, mail your smart phone into the company behind the website. Once the phone is received and processed by the company, they send you your money. This is how simple it is to get cash for your old phones.

With some websites, you don’t have to worry about paying shipping costs. They mail you an envelope already prepaid with tracking numbers. Simply pack the phone up, and mail it to the company. The tracking number allows you and the company both to keep track of the phone through its journey. This way, you always know what is going on with the phone. Once the phone is received, you get your money through PayPal or check so that you can quickly deposit it into your account. The process eliminates you having to post an advertisement, contacting a buyer or competing with others sellers.

Selling your old smart phone is a great way to make money and cut waste.

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