Qualcomm 64-Bit chipset with built-in LTE unveiled

Qualcomm had just released the Snapdragon 410 chipset series as a flagship processor to notably support 64-bit processing and designed with integrated 4G LTE support. The 410 series might hit the production line by first half of 2014 and this integrated chipset series will surely make affordable LTE-enabled devices –by late next year.Snapdragon 410 Chipset

The 64-bit component will enable developers to utilize the chipset for improved processing and compatibility for the next generation of Android OS versions. The Moto G which currently equipped Snapdragon 400 series is one of the flagship devices from Motorola and from here, we might see a significant affordable devices equipped with this new chipset especially targeting the masses from the emerging markets.

Basically, as a chip manufacturer Qualcomm could also lures Windows Phone and Firefox OS -enabled smartphone developers to jump into Snapdragon 410 bandwagon, as these mobile OSs are supported by the new 64-bit chipset.

However, right now we can focus on the limelight with Motorola which is Google-owned company which can basically build a new Android OS from ground up based from 410’s architecture. The new devices that would pioneer the new chipset could feature an improved utilization, not to mention the built-in LTE support and the slash on the pricetag. These devices can definitely takes some slices from the current LTE-enabled Nexus 5 but will have Motorola a range of cheaper LTE devices in the market.

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