CES 2014: Ultra-widescreen Samsung 105-inch UHDTV

Samsung is already taunting for the world’s most curved ultra -widescren and -high definition TV, the Korean company had just unveiled a behemoth 105-inch UHDTV for CES 2014. It appears that the ultrawidescreen format at 21:9 is getting into heated battle, with LG also had just announced its 105-inch UHDTV paving the way for Sammy’s own version of same size and format.

Samsung UHDTV

Furthermore, besides from it’s the most curved UHDTV matching the IMAX-style curvature the pixel count is a stunning 5,120 x 2,160 same as the LG’s version.

Apparently, you can customized a living room to fit these types of gigantic UHDTVs, but ready your budget as these types ultrawidescreen goodness will not be that affordable.

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