LG G Flex Self Healing Scratch and Durability Test [Video]

 LG G Flex

If ever you accidentally placed your smartphone with your keys in your pocket, with no surprise sure you’ll see scratches in your pristine smartphone and it’s a terrible feeling if it’s fresh out of the box. Now, it seemed LG finds a way to have this unwanted incident happen again with your device, with the company’s introduction of LG G Flex.

We’ve told you earlier about the concept of Samsung Galaxy S5 which seemed to be the design of LG G Flex, but LG’s design is quite astonishing that the G Flex is made to heal itself from scratches and little bumps nearly real time. It’s flexible enough to be flatten its bend position made from the curved display. Ultimately, you can see that G Flex housed a rugged design from its elegant exterior surface.

Watch YouTube user Marques Brownlee’s video below to see how capable the G Flex with his performed experiments, in which he scratches it with a key, knife and even put a full human weight to flatten it out.

Magically, LG’s G Flex scratches gathered from the key and knife slowly disappear into the casing, but you can speed up the healing process if you’ll add heat in the process. Now don’t you think this technology should also be applied in the screen surface?

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