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There is nothing more important than the security of your person, your family and your assets: Without that, all the other investments that you may make that are successful come to nothing. With the economy still in flux around the world, most experts fully expect the crime rate in most areas to rise as people have a harder time finding employment and making ends meet because of a rising cost of living.

Security System

With these overly negative social frameworks in place, you will have to invest some time into finding what kind of security system will best protect you and those people and things that you cannot do without.

Fortunately for many large asset owners with families, there are many recent technologies that combine the functionality of many smaller pieces of security into one. Below we will list a few of the best choices that are available, especially for the family man who is on a tight budget.

1 – The dual house and auto alarm

It is always good to know what is going on in your house from your car or vice versa. With dual alarm functionality, you can control the alarm of one large asset from the other as well as view anything that may have tripped up the alarm remotely. Because you do not have to be beside your car or inside your house in order to observe it, you protect your safety more readily while still being highly informed and able to create a security measure for yourself.

2 – The security smart phone app

Most of today’s security features all come with a widget that can be activated from a smart phone. This is a great feature to have because your phone is the piece of equipment that is usually on your person at all times. Imagine having a Command Central for all of your loved ones as well as your house and your car all on your hip. You can observe and protect your entire family and your investments with the simple touch of a button.

3 – ID and localization technology

What better way to protect the locks on a door than to have them only open when you are in the general area? Localization and ID technology have progressed to the point where you can actually prohibit the doors of your house or car from being unlocked unless you are in the physical proximity of the lock. ID technology can be anything from a fingerprint to an iris scan on a smart phone app.

There are also many other, smaller security technologies that give the cautious family man a leg up on any criminals in the area. Take full advantage of the latest technologies in security such as the Gentex auto dimming rear view mirror from

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