Shopping Tips for Black Friday 2013

Black Friday

Black Friday. It is the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving Day in the US, and is often regarded as the shopping extravaganza before Christmas. On that day, almost every retailer in the US goes crazy and puts on sale almost everything on their inventories. Similar to Boxing Day sales in other Commonwealth Nations, Black Friday is not an actual holiday although a number of US states observe the “Day After Thanksgiving” as a holiday for state government employees, sometimes in lieu of another federal holiday such as Columbus Day.

How do you prepare for such occasion? We give you a handful of tips for guidance.

Make A List

This one is probably a tip that anyone could use not only for Black Friday shopping, but for any type of shopping. When planning to go for a shopping errand, be it for your family or just yourself, keep in mind to make a list of what you really intend to buy, and rank them according to priority. Do you really need a new pair of jeans? Do you really want that new DSLR? Knowing what your needs and wants are, and how they rank in terms of performance will not only help you schedule your shopping day, more importantly, it will help you keep your budget more intact as well.

Research, Research, Research

After accomplishing your shopping list, it is best to then exercise some needed vigilance and do research even just on the internet. Knowing the pertinent details about the product/s you want to buy enables you to smartly weigh your decision making, and lets you know the advantages and disadvantages of your target buys. Do note, however, that when researching online, be on-the-lookout for biased and incomplete reviews that may provide an inaccurate representation of a product. That is why it is best to compliment your online research by going to your local retailers and trying out and testing for yourself your target buy.

Recognize A Good Buy

OK, so you’ve made your priority shopping list, and you’ve already researched that your target products are really bang-for-your-buck. What’s next? Well, you should then know where and when to buy for the best price possible. On this endeavor, deal sites such as,, and are a big help.

Be An Early (Or Late) Bird

There is this old saying that goes, “the early bird catches the worm”. Or something like that. Well, in shopping, the same also applies, although the past few years, industry watchers have observed that coming in late may also be quite advantageous as some stores tend to offer discounts and other advantages for latecomers. Such strategy works quite well for both the retailer and the consumer, as this spreads the shopping time inside stores even more, while enabling customers to choose when they want to shop. To take advantage of such offers, make sure you to ask your target establishments beforehand to know their strategies throughout the shopping season.

In the coming Black Friday season, we hope these tips will be helpful in making you shop more efficiently and more effectively. Money is very easy to spend but very difficult to earn. To get the most from your hard earned money, follow these easy steps. Happy shopping everyone!

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