The Best Smartphone Of 2013

It’s hard to know when to start when looking for a new smartphone. Gone are the days when you were only interested in text messaging and phone calls to make a decision. But not to worry as we present to you, the HTC One, quite possibly the best smartphone of 2013 and the decade so far.


In a world where we look for everything in our phones, from an easily functional calendar, to high definition video, to all the best games from FIFA 2014 to Royal Vegas UK Online Casino, the HTC One, has it all.

Setting the benchmark for future releases, HTC have developed a truly unique phone, combining sophisticated design with a full HD display on a 4.7 inch screen, whilst 468ppi gives an unparalleled cutting edge across its competitors.

Whilst being at the higher end of the market in terms of price, it’ll set you back $599.99 unlocked, it is also at the higher end of the market in terms of performance.

Coming with the almost unrecognisable Android 4.1.2 thanks to HTC’s latest version of its Sense UI, the One ditches the complications of Android in a slick, easy-to-navigate layout, whilst extra features include news aggregator BlinkFeed set the smartphone against others on the shelf.

Going up against the latest iPhone 5, the HTC One has the best processor out there. With a 1.7GHz quad-core processor the One is the Usain Bolt of the mobile world, and added to the sound (yes the One is that one with the front speakers, why has nobody else thought of that?) the HTC would drown its Apple counterpart out.

Moving away from the plastic casing of its predecessors, the makers have returned to a sleek metal design which gives it a much classier construction and much more secure in your hands, which you would come to expect from a $600 phone.

Whilst it doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of its look, what’s inside more than makes up for it, so is no surprise it became the most successful launch in the company’s history, selling five million units in the first two months alone.

What the HTC One has behind a pretty regular outer is the wow factor. With Apple, you kind of know what you’re going to get. The same with Samsung. But the HTC packs power in abundance into its latest model and easily make it the company’s best ever phone, and certainly the standout smartphone of 2013.

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