The Benefits of VoIP for Businesses

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an Internet-based phone service that can benefit individual users and businesses in a variety of ways. Companies such as BroadConnect Telecom can provide the service at an affordable rate with all the function of a traditional phone line and added extras that can make your phone call even more interactive.

VoIP Phones

Cost Reduction

One of the biggest benefits to businesses switching to VoIP services is the reduction in cost compared to traditional phone lines. Since this system uses the Internet, there is less equipment to buy, less maintenance and less costs associated with the initial setup of the system. VoIP services are also less expensive on a monthly basis because international calling rates are much cheaper. This is greatly beneficial to global businesses.


This type of service can be accessed from anywhere, which allows employees who need to make business phones complete access to the system wherever they are, including telecommuting from home or out on a business trip. With the right software and headset, they can conduct business in places all around the world.

Multimedia Options

Another great benefit of this service for businesses is that if multimedia such as video or photos are necessary, this can be accomplished within the same system. It makes business calls and virtual meetings much more interesting and functional.

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