Basic Accessories for Photographers

Camera Bag

Once you find a great camera that you love taking pictures with, you want to have a range of accessories that can help you take different kinds of pictures and store your camera safely. For that, you can choose from a number of accessories available for every type of camera, from inexpensive SLRs to high-end digital SLRs.


If you have an SLR camera, then you know the importance of having different filters available to use. Not only will a filter help protect the lens of your camera when you are roaming around without a lens cap, but a filter also works to provide you with a specific look and feel, whether it is a color filter or a polarizing filter.


Finding a good bag for storage is important for any camera. Camera bags should be durable, have the right protection for your camera and also provide you with an additional storage area for any accessories you may want to carry around with you.

Helpful Equipment

Once you have a range of filters for different lighting and a nice bag to store all of your equipment in, you can also decide whether additional equipment will be necessary for your photography. Often, the two most helpful pieces of equipment for any camera is a good tripod and additional memory cards. Just like carrying a good amount of film, having extra memory cards on hand will make sure you never miss a shot.

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