Awesome Tree Relocation Machine

The issue of climate change was brought by humans and the industrial revolution which started hundreds of years ago. Although the industrial developments have improved our lives, our mother was badly hurt and it seemed it’s turning back to us through the meltdown of polar ice caps which will possibly submerge lands into salt water and formations of super typhoons which we can recall the recent Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the provinces in the Philippines.

One of the most common solutions to climate change is to plant more trees that can filter the pollutants in the air. These greenhouse gases makes hole to our ozone layer and certainly make the earth hotter.

Fortunately, we have this awesome tree relocation machine that can relocate fully grown trees from one place to another. One of the basic scenario, trees is being cut for highway road widening project but if we have this machine, the trees will be just relocated. No need to cut these trees and wait for several years to replace them.

I think the government should invest for these kinds of machines that can help the environment but as well will not hinder developments.
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Source: Youtube

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