The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and how you can help

The strongest typhoon for the year and fourth amongst the history of catastrophic cyclone ever made to land. Now after several days from pounding the Visayan provinces in the Philippines leaving thousands dead, massive structural damages, Filipinos desperate for food and water. As a way of helping, we bring you the view of the aftermath and the channels how you can send your help to affected people in the Philippines.Before Haiyan landed in the Philippines, I heard a newscaster was asked of how or what degree of devastation this typhoon can bring to those provinces? And he could not describe or even imagine the possible chaos from this horrible cyclone even if the country is known to have up to 20 plus of tropical cyclones. You can refer to the aerial photos taken before and after of Tacloban City, to see the scale of devastation brought by typhoon Haiyan in the city.

Tacloban City Devastation

For those fortunate people, global aids and charities are working together to help those badly affected by the typhoon. And if you’re eying to send your help TheGuardian has just put up the list of organizations where you can send any donations whether you are in the US, UK, AU or any part of the world.

Let us pray for the immediate recovery of these hardly devastated provinces as well those Filipinos who’ve almost lost everything —-that they may withstand this truly horrible experience.

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