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Blackberry is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name of Cell C. The company focuses mainly on Blackberry mobiles and services related to it but it equally concentrates on other products, brands and services. Satisfying the customers and serving them best is the top most priority for Cell C. This is very well understood by all after Cell C launched a complaint with the Competition Commission against MTN and Vodacom for anti-competitive conduct. Complaint is that the rates vary for calls within the same network and calls to other network making it difficult for smaller operators to acquire customers.

Cell C

Right from the start Cellc is concerned about the pricing of products and services for the public. The company has acquired a lot of customers last year by reducing mobile tariffs. Their customer count is now more than 11.5 million. They are always eager to know what their customers want and do the needful in providing it to them. This is the right way to speak that ‘Customer is King’ and whatever the customer desires, the company would go out of their way to provide it. These are not just for acquiring large market share from the competitors, but also to make available latest technology to the people in South Africa at their rates. The country should not be lagging behind in anything and the people should be able to match their shoulders with the other country people. After all, in a world where innovation and technology comes first, people cannot be left behind knowing nothing,

Cell C provides mobiles, tablets, notebooks, speedstick modems and routers in the devices. An all-in-one voucher is also available which we can make use of. In the ‘Upgrade’ section, the customers are made aware of the upgrade in store, self-service, customer care, cell c direct and current deals which we may check in now and then to get a good deal for ourselves. The fine print section also gives us information about all that the customer needs to know. Apart from this, there are many data packages and voice packages that are also being offered. We can get cell phones by contract, prepaid or top-up.

All the information about the products, services, company is made available on the company website. The site is also user-friendly which makes the experience even more pleasant. In addition to this, the company has a facebook page that has updates on it regularly. So when you ‘like’ the page (just like the 77.4k others – of which I am one), you would get updates automatically on your wall making it all the more better. Whichever the medium, the whole point is being connected and receiving updates. So do stay in touch with the company, giving Cell C the feedback and anything that you’d like to be improved.

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