Asian will dominate mobile phone users by 2017

There could be a whooping 5.1 billion mobile phone users by 2017 which is significantly one billion greater than the current statistics.

African Mobile Users

In a report by Mashable from cited figures from Statista these behemoth number of phone users will be mostly coming from the Asia-Pacific region.

Looking closely on how technology has managed to affect the lives on earth, there are more than 7 billion people in the planet by the end of 2012 while currently 4.306 billion are mobile phone users, the data came from Statista and World Bank.

Getting into the specific numbers, the Asia-Pacific is expected to rose from 2.423 billion to up to 3 billion mobile phone users by 2017, with other major regions with their forecast growth:  672 million to 728 million in Europe, 526 million to 671 million in Middle East and Africa, 415 million to 472 million in Latin America, and 270 million to 287 million in North America, the numbers are from present to estimated growth by 2017.

It will be also good to know the numbers for the smartphone users from the Asia-Pacific region or in general for the whole planet.

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