Top 10 Countries Where Users Download The Most Apps

The last time we look at Statista with their interesting statistics, it is about the top ten brands with most of Facebook fans coming from U.S. This time we are featuring another stats with a chart based from Google’s Our Mobile Planet to rank the top 10 countries where users download the most apps.

Most downloaded apps

South Korea tops the list with average of 40 apps downloaded by average users and notably it’s the highest in the world. The global average smartphone users in the world just download an average of 25 apps. On the other hand, Japan is the biggest spender where its average smartphone users pays for 17.5 apps that is well ahead with South Korea which only have 2.7 apps. The global average for paid apps per users is 5.6 apps.

Are you an average smartphone users? How many apps have you downloaded already?

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