Radio Streaming in iTunes 11.1

iTunes Radio Streaming

In the wake of the availability of iOS 7 for public consumption, Apple has just made the newest version of iTunes also available for download. Now on its version 11.1, it features the new iTunes radio streaming, Genius mixes and podcast functionality.

iTunes Radio streams music from over 250 genre-based station that Apple can automatically organize for you, or you can do also your own customizations. It’s intelligent enough to the songs download or what you’re listening. All stations are synced across all of your iOS devices. Fortunate for Radio Advertising to have these kind of coverage of iOS users.

Genius Shuffle, on the other hand will make your daily music listening habit a bit special. It creates mixes of music in your library that appeals together. And that is when you choose for Genius Shuffle, you’ll have new set of songs to listen.

Now lastly, there are new Podcast features –it will now allow you to sync all your subscription across all your iOS devices and through My Stations you’ll be able now to create a playlist of your podcasts.

Now if you’re downloading your iOS 7 update through your OS X or PC, you need to update first your iTunes, so it comes mandatory to enjoy these new cool features –not to mention what others within iOS 7.

Here’s the step by step way on how you can utilize the radio streaming on the newest iTunes, click here.

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