Microsoft acquired Nokia [Memes]

Nokia has just booked a brighter days ahead back from the company’s bearish and almost falling dagger as it soars an astonishing 31% in stock value.

The game changing stock price increase is due to Microsoft announced that it would purchase Nokia’s Devices and Services division for $7.17 billion which will include patent licensing. Apparently, that stock fluctuation is no surprise but on the other end worries from some of the manufacturer running Windows Phone 8(Nokia mobile partners) for possible favoritism, same as when the mobile-OS giant Google purchased Motorola in terms of Android OS might be focused on Motorola mobile phones.

To keep a lighter side on this deal, we’ve just picked up a memes from credit) that would surely make you forget imagining serious speculations for the future of Nokia with Microsoft or viceversa. Check it out after the break.

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