Get More Out of Your Book Club with a Tablet or eReader

Book clubs have existed for years. You may even have a stereotypical image of a group of people sitting around with hard-back books in hand chatting away about the latest best seller. But book clubs are a great way to interact with your fellow reader and with people who may share some of your interests. Unfortunately, some of us may not have the time to gather together to have a discussion about a book. And even if you do, you may find that there are no available book clubs in your area or that you aren’t interested in any of the books that local book clubs are reading. Having a tablet can not only help you participate in book clubs, it can help change the way you look at them.


Everything You Need

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying traditional books, but sometimes you may find that it’s hard to enjoy reading a traditional book when you have to stop reading to grab a dictionary to look up a word whose meaning you aren’t certain of. Another frustrating thing you may run into when reading traditional books is losing the page you’re on, or, if you’re checking the book out from the library or borrowing it from a friend, the book might even be missing a few pages. Depending on the tablet or eBook reader you have, you can virtually eliminate those two annoyances. Many tablets and eBook readers come with built-in dictionaries and place holders that allow you to look up a word instantly or bookmark your exact reading spot.

Sharing eBooks

In traditional book clubs, everyone is generally required to have their own copy of a book, whether they’ve purchased it or borrowed it from the library. With some tablets and eReaders, you are actually given the option to let someone borrow your downloaded book for a limited time. This option helps lower the chances of someone not being able to check out a book from the library because another patron is borrowing it. Of course, not all eBook readers are capable of this, and you should always consider the best eBook reader for you, but it is certainly helpful.

Virtual Book Club

While chatting face-to-face with your local book club can be fun, some of us are too busy to actually make club meetings. With Wi-Fi or cellular capable tablets and eReaders, you can have your book club meeting online by settling on specific forums and websites to chat on, or if your tablet gives you the option to download certain apps, you can even set up a group for instant messaging. The convenience of not having to be physically at the book club meeting, allows you to do other things while the meeting is in progress. What’s more, your book club would not be limited to local members. You can have members from all over the world.

Book clubs are already fun, and they’re even more fun when they allow you the freedom to share your love of books with more than just the localized members of your community. Let your tablet or eReader help connect you with other readers that enjoy discussing books just as much as you do.

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