Foldable iPhone 6 Concept


The Apple’s big event slated on September 10th is just around the corner, and while it seems the iPhone 5S with iPhone 5C could be in the verge of getting official –on this early stage Yanko designer Pritesh Chavan have just outed his foldable concept for the future iPhone 6. You might just whisper to yourself, iPhone 6 really?


The pretty interesting piece on this design will be the foldable screen or shall we say the iPhone 6 itself folds into three equal part that when laid out it’s turns to be a tablet –literally which mimics the iPad. So this could be the real phablet in the making.

iphone6_concept4 iphone6_concept3

Futuristic, isn’t it? We know that there’s a flexible screen technology being developed right now –but it’s hard to say when will the time that it’ll be this foldable. You may question the resistance of this concept to daily mobile abuse from its users.

How do you feel about the concept? Are looking forward for it to be the iPhone 6?

Source: Yanko Design (Images Credit)

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