The Evolution of Wireless Technology [Infographic]

 We are now on the 4th G, as in 4G or LTE(Long Term Evolution) the fastest wireless technology unveiled to the ever fast evolution of this type of communication. Today, we are secured of heading to great future innovations, as mobile devices move on utilizing the wireless industry in a very stunning rate.

The wireless services as of this time has just evolved to be a necessity for everyday use. Did you know that this year, data usage around the globe exceed an astonishing 1 exabyte in a month and that’s 1 billion gigabytes. Imagine that you have a 1TB external hard drive, and so far you think that’s too hard to have that device filled in with data just for your personal use –but the world would be needing more than 1 billion of that device just to have its wireless data usage all backed up. Unbelievable, in terms of how and who’s using that wireless data and what average bandwidth is utilized to have all that data usage. How much is the cost for the world for that 1 exabyte of wireless data?

See the infographic below for more details on the Wireless Evolution:

Sources: CommScope

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