Data Security Tightest with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing for businesses has evolved from a novel way to share files between concerned parties in a project to a reliable and way of ensuring data and software is always accessible to users. Instead of just storing and sharing files, businesses are now using web-based apps that remove the need for multiple installations that result in lengthy updates for every minor advancement. Server power and data transfer speeds are the two improvements that everyone assumes made this possible, but businesses could not operate online if data security had not advanced as quickly or even quicker than hardware improvements.


Software as Important as Hardware

Take Dell cloud computing architecture as an example. Dell are a trusted hardware manufacturer that have built a solid reputation over many years. It would be unthinkable for Dell to sell a managed cloud computing service without the confidence that Data Security with Dell systems could withstand any cyber-attacks from the simplest of spoofing through to low-level penetration that requires more than a working knowledge of code.

Function without Restriction

Ultimately, the off-the shelf software or the custom apps your business uses to access data centre are where most malicious hackers would concentrate their efforts, but most issues are handled effectively by isolating sensitive data from data that can cause no harm and limiting access to processes that need to access that data. That’s why the correct handling of data is more critical today than ever before.

Any business that designs your data handling software should be able to introduce audit trails at and analytics that allow system admins to drill down and identify weaknesses long before your system goes live. This provides opportunities to perform penetration testing to identify the weakest link in the process and adapt accordingly. The Guardian has a vague stab at explaining the basics of cloud data security for the layman here, but for a better explanation of secure software design, read through Saltzer and Schroeder’s paper by downloading this .pdf.

Data Security in the 21st Century

The fact that most hacking techniques are old is often a revelation to most users because they believe there’s a ‘new’  software package out there to perform the hack for you. In fact, the techniques used by most hackers have existed since the time PCs hit the mass market and nothing has changed since we’ve moved to the cloud.

Most network hacking uses the same network listening techniques for WANs such as the internet as penetration testers used for LANs when screens contained nothing more than amber text. The only difference today, is that businesses reputations rely on the security of theirs and their customer’s data more than at any time in history and that’s why bid businesses invest massively in getting it right.

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