Become a better photographer with Photozeen

We’ve been taking photos with our phones ever since they started coming prepackaged with cameras. Recently, the cameras on our phones have become good enough that gone are the days of the blurry, grainy cell phone picture. With smartphones and the apps that came with them, we could Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, and Snapchat our photos. However, none of these apps actually help you become better at taking photos. Enter Photozeen, an app that uses an incentivized tutorial format to encourage you to become a better photographer.


Photozeen is a free iOS app that uses a series of photo assignments called “quests” to provide instruction, lessons, and motivation. Some of these quests focus on particular types of photography and the unique skills they requires. Try your hand at photojournalism, event photography, portraiture, landscape photography, still-lifes, street photography, and others. Others focus on the formal or technical aspects of photography. How to best utilize light, for example, or compositional rules like the rule of thirds.

Users can take quests more than once to brush up on skills or to show off improvements. For instance, take the Silhouettes and Background quest again and again to really perfect how to balance light and composition in your photo. Or venture off into different parts of your hometown to repeat the City quest. Many of the quests require users to take initiative and explore their environments, giving users a newfound awareness of familiar places.

Photozeen also incorporates a community rating and commenting system to provide feedback. Participation in the community is encouraged by virtual currency that can be used for special features or to encourage others to give you feedback in return.

It’s clean and easy user interface makes adding photos a breeze, and its integrated system makes browsing, commenting on, and rating photos just as easy. Stuck on trying to figure out what to photograph? Photozeen also provides inspiration streams to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Our phones are already our most portable cameras. Why not get a little better at photography while you’re at it? Check out Photozeen here.

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