Acer merger with Lenovo and ASUS

Earlier before Microsoft acquired Nokia, a rumor surface about Acer to merge with Lenovo and Asus. Primarily, a group of unnamed investment banking firms plan on inviting the three tech companies to become one. Apparently, according to Acer’s management told Digitimes, that it has not received any inquiries about the deal plus adding that they are not even interested with the merger.


Right now, Acer has been straighten up things in their own ways and they are confident on its global brand status. The company is eying to flourish from the astonishing rate of mobile technologies on its current market segment and you can expect Acer to launch new innovative products soon.

If ever Acer, Asus and Lenovo would seal a merger, you can think of ultimately designed mobile devices running with powerful processor and GPU which will have a reasonable price since these companies will have better diversity of parts where each manufacturer are known for. But for now, we have to take this with a grain of salt –even Acer denied that there will be a merger soon.

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