The 7 Coolest Gaming Accessories To Buy This Holiday Season

The 7 Coolest Gaming Accessories To Buy This Holiday Season

It’s 2013, and gaming is more popular than ever. Here are the top seven gaming accessories that’ll be flying off the shelves this holiday season.

1. MadCatz Street Fighter v. Tekken Fight Stick

Fighting games are steadily increasing in popularity, and serious gamers need the precision that a serious fight stick provides. This fight stick features parts from legendary arcade manufacturer Sanwa Denshi, which means it accurately recreates the perfect feel of an arcade machine.

2. Razer Ouroboros

Up until the Ouroboros, gaming mice have had a glaring problem: they don’t work for lefties. The Ouroboros is the first gaming mouse designed to fix that problem, with a set of thumb buttons on each side of the mouse. Like all Razer mice, it works with Razer Synapse, a cloud-based service that can store your software settings and make them available on any computer you use.

3. nVidia Shield

The nVidia Shield is probably the riskiest device on this list. It’s essentially a full-featured console in the form factor of a controller. The Shield features a custom 72-core nVidia Tegra 4 chip, a 5-inch 720p multitouch-enabled display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and top-notch integrated speakers. With full access to the thousands of games available for Android, this thing has the potential to revolutionize mobile gaming.

4. Logitech G510s

Like the Corsair K70, the G510s gaming keyboard features customized backlighting for each key. Your backlight settings can be individually customized for each game and recalled at an instant. The G510s also features the GamePanel, a mini LCD screen that can display real-time stats, VoIP data, or anything else you might need, and 18 programmable G-Keys for quick access to any function you can think of.

5. Corsair Vengeance K70

It’s no secret that mechanical keyboards are the best choice for PC gamers. There’s nothing like a good solid click to reduce finger strain and provide the perfect tactile feedback. The coolest feature here is the texturing on the WASD and the 1-6 keys, allowing you to quickly find these important keys in the heat of the action. In addition, the backlighting of the keys can be customized on a per-key basis, meaning you only have to see the keys that you need. Your settings can even be stored inside the onboard memory so they are available everywhere.

6. MOGA Pro Controller

This handy thing fixes the most common complaint about Android gaming, the lack of a good tactile controller. It features dual clickable analog sticks, four face buttons, and four shoulder buttons, accurately replicating the feel of a standard Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller. The MOGA Pro controller uses Bluetooth to connect with any Android-powered device, a folding tablet stand, and the MOGA Arm that allows you to mount any Android phone right to the controller.

7. Games Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

The Vanguard features a 19-inch LCD screen, metal coned chambered speakers, and a TSA-friendly design that allows the traveling gamer to take his console anywhere. In situations when the speakers would be inappropriate, the Vanguard also features a 3.5 mm headphone jack. While it looks like it would be awkward and uncomfortable to carry, the design and the PGE Sling makes it extremely comfortable.

So there you have it. Keep these seven accessories in mind when you do your holiday shopping.

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