Thinx: Your Next Generation Underwear

Girls, your next generation underwear is just around the corner. Antonia, Miki and Radha co-founded Thinx, an underwear company that aims to save women all around the world from all the embarrassment and hassle during their monthly periods. Interesting, hmm?


Thinx underwear uses leak and stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking fabric that reduces stains and absorbs liquid. It originally started in Kickstarter, raising $130,000 in the process.

According to the company’s website, “Thinx is made up of Quad-Dry BreatheTECH, super-thin high-performance materials that resist stains and leaks, wick moisture and provide anti-bacterial support. The first line of THINX can completely replace panty liners on days when you want light support or it can act as back up to your traditional disposable or washable/reusable methods on heavier days.”

In an interview, the Thinx co-founders say they were able to come up with the product idea after some horrible experiences of their own over the past few years during their menstrual cycles. Says Antonia, “I had to shoot off while the CEO was talking and run out of the room. I looked at the marketplace to see if there was anything for us for when that moment happens and there wasn’t.”

The trio partnered with AFRIpads, an Uganda-based company that creates washable pads for women in developing countries, to realize their product. In return, for each pair of underwear Thinx sells, it donates enough money for AFRIpads to create seven pads.

And quite amazingly, Thinx is getting traction very quickly. Just a few days ago, the company beat out 145 entrepreneurs in a contest held by online marketplace the Daily Grommet, to have their product sold on the online marketplace, promoted in the media and be featured on the funding website


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