More than 100,000 people want one-way ticket to Mars

The Mars One is a venture project to colonize the red planet that will be starting in 2022, have just set an overwhelming number of people –around 100,000 to make themselves home in Mars.


These numbers of people have just applied for the one-way trip to Mars which will have them a chance to spend the rest of their lives according to the report of the organization planning the manned missions. There are still questions needed to be answered which are uncertain, will people really be able to survive on Mars and will there be enough money to finance the project.

Apparently, why these 100,000 people which 30,000 are Americans are willing to make Mars their new home?

“There is also a very large number of people who are still working on their profile, so either they have decided not to pay the application fee, or they are still making their video or they’re still filling out the questionnaire or their resume. So the people that you can see online are only the ones that have finished and who have set their profiles as public,” according to Bas Lansdorp via CNN.

Anyone who’s 18 years old or above can apply, with a very minimal fee for Americans it’s $38 as Lansdorp is expecting that ‘The Mars One’ project’s initial $6B cost will be shouldered by sponsors and media that will pay for the broadcasting rights of the colonization.

There are 40 multinational astronauts will be selected for this year, in which a pair of men and women are set to be launched to Mars in September 2022 –and expected to land by April 2023.

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