Gold iPhone 5S aimed for the Chinese market


Late last week a blast of ‘gold iPhone 5S‘ premature entry in the world shakes the online tech community –that’s before its expected official announcement on September 10th placed a question why would the Cupertino-giant will add another hue on its next-gen iPhone?

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Apparently, mere questions of just minor aesthetic color change and upgraded specs could round-up the new iPhone 5S, but there’s a big reason why the company could add the ‘champagne’ or gold -colored iPhone in their existing lineup. It’s the Chinese market and emerging market from the Asia Pacific where most smartphone buyers are getting younger and the significant numbers of female buyers grows, the forecast from paint and coating manufacturers point to color preferences are shifting away from the traditional western palettes but going back to conventional hues related to Asia.

We can relate the color preferences from the automotive sector which in the report of Apple Insider via an interview with China Daily Cyndi Li China’s color styling manager of PPG Industries(largest producers of automotive coatings in the world), “believes black will cede market share to gold-beige and gray, with silver making way for beige, white-beige, champagne-gold and rosy-gold.” She also mentioned, “Additionally, natural color, gold and orange will all become more popular.”

Now I don’t know if this is also the reason behind Nokia’s aggressive color palettes on their handsets, but this is a definitive reason. Adding up the upgraded specs and the hype that the champagne-gold is the premium version of the iPhone 5S —-with analyst speculates a faster processor, up to 128GB of storage and fingerprint sensor. Now don’t you think is it a worthy upgrade?

Source: Apple Insider (Images Credit)

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