5 Free Smartphone Apps That Assist In Trade Shows

You may have managed to book a great booth location for your company at the next trade show, but when it comes to managing the booth, it’s a tough cookie and can end in a disaster if you’re not organized.

A new trend that company trade show organizers have adapted to in recent times (and you should too) is the use of smartphone applications. There are apps that’ll allow you to organize the budget for the trade show, guide incoming clients with a traffic-free route to the show and plan the number of company employees that should be present at the booth.

Apps to use for company trade shows


1. DoubleDutch Events

If you’re looking to get social through conference apps at the trade show, DD Events can be an ideal option as it allows you to share instant updates about the exhibition and keep track of potential clients there. The app also helps measure your company’s ROI from the event.

That’s not all–you’re also informed about the key features of the exhibition, the number of people in attendance and the trade booth that attracts most attendees, all through a live feed. DD Events is free to download and works on Android and iPhone.


2. CardMunch

If you want your company to appear modern and technology-forward at the trade show, try to go as wireless as possible. CardMunch is an app developed by LinkedIn that converts your business cards into contacts. You can search for LinkedIn information of contacts and make a new connection within few seconds.

The app has integrated flash support, so you’ll be able to snap cards even in low light conditions. You can also access recent cards through the ‘recently transcribed cards’ section. The manual transcript ensures the accuracy for each card that is scanned. You can use this app to make instant connections at your booth (you know how inconvenient it can be to keep business cards). CardMunch is available for free and is compatible with iPhone.


3. Event Espresso

This app includes several features such as confirmation emails, custom exhibitor form, categories of key notes, payment gateway, management of attendees and much more. If you’re planning to give insider access to anyone who visits your booth, you can send out emails and also prepare a barcode ticket for those who sign up. Insider access can be free or paid depending on your preference.

The app also allows you send a ‘thank you’ email to those who scan the barcode for insider access. Using this app can also a great way to present your company as environment friendly by providing a green barcode ticket solution. Event Espresso is available for free and is compatible with Android and iPhone.

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4. iLeads

iLeads is a widely used tradeshow app that is great for building qualified leads. You can use this app to integrate notes and action items to leads and a major feature is that the leads can be backed up to a secure website.

iLeads will give you better input on leads compared to conventional methods and thousands of leads can be accessed online at any time. This app is free to download and works on Android and iPhone.


5. MindNode

MindNode is a powerful mind mapping app that allows you to see the trade show organization from ‘a bird’s eye view’. You can connect and generate nodes or ideas with a few taps, and the cluttered-free interface makes the process of map generation seamless.

The canvas presented by the app is infinite and expands based on the number of ideas. If mindmaps get too complicated, you can drag and drop notes to reorganize the map. Important nodes can be highlighted with different fonts and strokes. MindNode is free and works on iPhone.

You should capitalize on the growing world of trade show apps to be more effective at communication and organization at your booth than before.

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