Amazing And Stylish Home Gadgets

One way or another technology plays a role in almost every aspect of our home life, from innovative kitchen gadgets to endless new ways to entertain ourselves, there seems no end to the development of devices to make our lives easier, more fun and, in many cases, cheaper (after the initial outlay of course!).

As technology advances at a rate of knots, our home gadgets change faster than we could ever have imagined 20 years ago. And there are many designers and engineers working all the time to come up with brand new concepts for everything from refrigeration to home security systems with cameras that can even be viewed from your iPhone from companies like Livewatch.

Here’s the latest, greatest, quirkiest ideas to kit your home out in the best 2013 has to offer.


See through TV

Hot designer Michael Friebe has come up with the transparent TV – it looks absolutely stunning and combines LCD with the latest display technology, allowing solid moving pictures with crystal sharp display and intense colour reproduction. You can watch your favourite show, play your favourite game – maybe jump online and play the most stylish game of online slots you’ve ever played in your life at for instance, enjoying the superb graphics and video aspects offered in the latest versions of this increasingly popular gaming experience to the full on this next generation display. The power of this TV is endless and it’s the most achingly stylish piece of kit you’ll ever come across. Now, if only we were all rich enough to afford it!


Master light switch

To help you control the lights in your home, designer Taewon Hwang came up with the idea of a master light switch with a simple yet stunning design that shows you exactly which lights are on and off. A simple, elegant solution to a common annoyance.


Solar powered media player

The Sony Eclipse is a concept created by Hoang M Nguyen and Anh Nguyen and has photovoltaic cells in its back panel to use solar power. It pretty much never runs down and is a gorgeously designed piece of kit.


A self sterilising door handle

We all know the risks of superbugs these days, with increasing epidemic pockets of scarily virulent flu strains breaking out every other year so this is a dream come true! Designed following the H1N1 outbreak and working on the basis that a lot of people are sadly lax with their personal hygiene, the door handle continuously sterilises itself when not in use with a UV lamp.


Fireplace of the future

No ordinary fireplace, the Camillo Vanacore is straight out of a stylish scifi future-vision. It’s absolutely gorgeous and appears to work by magic! It goes from on to off and an opaque cream to a transparent flame.


Ceiling magic

Seo Dong-Hun has designed an amazing concept that lets you paint with light on your ceiling. The only limit is your creativity. It’s beautiful and functional – exactly what you expect from technological advancements.


LULA Lung Lamp

This collects data and shows you the quality of the air in your room – as it’s hooked up to the internet (of course it is – what isn’t??) it then processes the data and tells you how the air quality is affecting your health. With guidelines on what to do if you are suffering from the air quality, it’s an essential piece of kit for asthma and allergy sufferers.


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