Top Android Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

If you are rocking an Android phone, you’ve probably already downloaded popular apps like Angry Birds, Instagram, Amazon Kindle and Pandora. These are so common that they should start coming standard with new phones. However, only installing the apps that get the most press means you’re missing out on a lot of amazing Android gems. 

Rather than forcing you spend hours searching Google Play, we’ve pulled together this list of the best Android apps you never knew existed!



Android does not come with its own directory, which makes it difficult to find items like PDF files and other downloads. AndroZip solves this problem by providing you with a fully-structured root directory that lets you quickly view everything stored on your phone. If you’re quickly looking for that Thai fusion takeout menu you downloaded two weeks ago, just search for the name of the restaurant and AndroZip will locate the menu for you.

Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Plenty of people offer “Photoshop-style apps,” but that’s only to distract users from the fact that you can actually download Photoshop for Android. Would you rather have a “Photoshop-style” app, or the actual thing – especially since Adobe Systems is offering Photoshop for Android for free?

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, the words “Chrono Trigger for Android” are probably enough to make you stop reading this article right now and go pay $9.99 for the app. While you’re busy boarding the Epoch, I’ll explain for the under-30s: Chrono Trigger is a time-travel RPG originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995.

Created by Square Enix of Final Fantasy fame, Chrono Trigger was the first game to feature a multi-path, fully-logical time travel world. You are allowed to choose the order in which you visit different time periods, and actions done in the past affect the worlds you find in the future. Combine this with Square’s particular knack for storytelling and character-building, and you’ve got over 100 hours of captivating gameplay with 11 potential game endings.

Caustic 2

Caustic 2

Android didn’t have a decent music-creation app until Caustic came around. Grab Caustic 2, and then protect your valuables in acoustic enclosures as you turn your smartphone into a dynamic music sequencer. Lay down beats with the drum machine, add samples and then plug in your USB MIDI cable to overlay some sweet virtual instruments.

Caustic 2 is a free download and a must-have for audiophiles and Gorillaz-wannabes.



Let’s be honest. We’re not checking our inboxes every five seconds to see if we got a new coupon from our favorite airline. We’re checking them to see if there’s something from someone we love. (We’re also checking to see if there are any emails from our boss, but that’s a separate problem.)

Couple is an inbox just for you and your Special Someone. It comes with its own chat interface, a separate album for photos and videos and a to-do list system for couples who like to practice Getting Things Done together. It also allows partners to “kiss” by pressing their thumbs to their smartphones simultaneously. Download Couple if you want a way to have special conversations with one person without having to sort through the mess of email, SMS or Facebook chat.

These are our top picks for Android apps that you probably don’t already have on your phone. Did we miss any apps that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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