The Ultimate Guide to Online Gaming Etiquette

Every online gamer will know that there’s nothing worse than coming across that one person online who has to go and ruin all the fun. Known for their annoying and irritating game play, this someone that quite often ruins the game for everyone else.

But, what happens if you’re that person and you didn’t even realise? After all, playing behind a screen quite often means you can’t see everyone else’s reaction to your gaming tactics…

Well, to make sure that you enjoy every gaming experience to the max (and to help you make sure you’re playing everything the right way), here is our ultimate guide to online gaming etiquette:


 Tip 1 – Remember That You’re Playing With Real People:

This is probably one of the biggest rules when it comes to online gaming.

Although for you it may just feel like you and your computer screen, there are other people just like you who are playing the game along with you!

In other words, just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Many people forget this, and will be selfish, rude and insulting towards other players for no reason – they are real people, with real feelings too!

A big online gaming no-no is using foul language or typing in bold capital letters – no one likes this, it just makes other gamers feel uncomfortable and irritated! A definite no from us!

Tip 2 – Don’t Use Cheats:

Never cheat; it takes all the fun out of the game! And that old saying ‘you’re only cheating yourself’ definitely applied here.

Why play a game that involves great skill or practise, just to cheat to get ahead?

This is no fun for you, or the other gamers, and if you even do it frequently, it could get you banned from the game altogether – those online moderators have got their beady eyes on you!

Tip – Help The Newbies:

You were new to the game once as well, remember?

It’s not nice not knowing what to do, so instead of insulting, ignoring, or blaming a newbie for a mistake that was made in the game, help them! Offer them tactical advice, guidelines for playing, and the basics of the game.

Tip 4 – Don’t Spam Fellow Gamers:

When you’re having a good game and a friendly conversation with fellow gamers, the last thing you want is someone spamming your page with useless information and nonsense!

Spamming just confuses and aggravates other players who are there to have fun playing the game – so, who would want to continue playing a game with a user that is constantly complaining, moaning, and ranting about everything! Definitely not me.

Tip 5 – Have Fun!

Win or lose, the most important thing is that you have fun while playing the game!

Don’t be a sore loser; allow the winning players to have their moment of glory – who says you won’t win the next game?

The same applies when winning – be happy that you’ve won, but don’t put other players down! Think of how it would feel the other way around!

Online gaming is all about the enjoyment of the game, and the whole point is to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy yourself.

So whether you’re playing bingo online, building your own livestock on Farmville, or crushing candy on Candy Crush – make sure you ditch the insults, the rants, and the cheating, and just be a good sport! Not only for you, but for everyone else.

If you follow this guide correctly, we promise you will have a better online gaming experience!

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