NVIDIA 12GB Quadro K6000: World’s fastest GPU

The leading graphics processor maker NVIDIA has just announced the world’s fastest GPU ever created –the Kepler-based Quadro K6000.


NVIDIA claims K6000 is the world’s fastest doubling up its Quadro 6000 predecessor’s graphics capability plus K6000 feature the largest DDR5 graphics memory of 12GB making any hardly graphics burden tasks loaded in a snap. For instance, Nissan’s complete vehicle models were loaded easily.

For technical jargons, it has 2,880 streaming multiprocessor cores, four simultaneous displays at up to 4K resolution, ultra-low latency video I/O and large scale visualization support. These features were quite advance that it support emerging technologies such the 4K resolution, the highest as of the moment.

It will hit the market by fall and will be loaded in workstations from HP, Dell and Lenovo. But be sure that some other high-end rig manufacturers will have this GPU awesomeness featured on their lines, weather it’s for professional or pro-gaming computers.

NVIDIA is still in secrecy for the pricing details, but you can expect a not so cheap GPU if you’ll based from the K5000 which has a $2,250 price tag. So start saving if you are planning to have K6000 in your rig.

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