Not everyone is buying an iPad

If you’re thinking that everyone is going crazy about Apple’s magical slate, well —-think again.

According to a report by Mashable via Statista, the second quarter for this year for the tablet marker share has been dominated by Android, which points to sales more than double from the Cupertino-giant’s various iPad models.


There’s a pretty interesting tally back from 2012 in which the two competitors shipped almost equally.

The chart now shows that the Android tablets are now 67-percent versus Apple’s 28.3-percent for the second quarter report. But still, we need to consider the variety of manufacturers along with the tablets running Android which are sold in the market, versus the limited number of iPads which are currently available.

To satisfy your curiosity, Statista also compared other operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. The details also shows that the Windows-operated devices have increased while the Blackberry has sustained its downtrend movement.

Now if you are about to buy a tablet, are you going for an Android or iOS slate?

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