5 Photoshop-Style Apps for Design on the Go


Image via Flickr by vernieman

For those who want to design and edit photos on the go, finding an alternative to Photoshop on our smartphone can prove difficult. However, there are apps out there that stand in for Photoshop’s features and allow you to edit and design using your photographs.

1. MiniPaint

This app deals with a variety of functions. With the MiniPaint app, it’s easy to work with image size in scaling, resizing, and cropping. It also offers the chance to rotate your images. A special feature of this app is its clip art. You’ll have 150 images available for you to download online.

You also can add text over your pictures in several fonts, colors, sizes, and bold and italic. Finally, image filters such as sepia, gray-scale, solarize, HSB, invert, edges, and more allow you to truly personalize your work.

2. Imgedit

This app provides another solid alternative to Photoshop. The rotating feature works for 90, 180, and 270 degrees. It has special effects as well, including gray-scale, negative, sepia, emboss, and scatter. It’s possible to resize images to send via email, add custom text, or import a frame image to put around your original image.

Advanced users will love the RGB and HSB features for changing image color, and the Warhol effect is another great features. After editing, save your email as a JPG or send it in an email. Imgedit integrates with the media, files, and camera app.

3. InstaPhoto

InstaPhoto is an app designed to help you get your photos in the best possible shape. With a library of 25 preset effects, you’ll use the tilt shift, decorative frames, custom borders, grunge textures, and color effects to create lasting and memorable images to share. It’s simple and easy to use, and it’s easy to share pictures via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. To start, you just have to choose a photo that you already have in your phone or take one in the moment. Camera integration is directly in the app, making things even simpler.

4. BibbyCam

This app makes altering and sharing photos simple for users of the new BB10 OS. BibbyCam filters and helps you share you photos. It has a bunch of filters and effects for you to choose to personalize your photos exactly the way you want them.

You’ll have the chance to turn ordinary shots in to true works of art by choosing from 14 kinds of filters. This includes Sunshine, Lomo, and Old Photo filters. You even can create your own personal filter by using the app’s double feature filter.

5. PixTrix

PixTrix is another app that’s simple to use. It also makes editing and sharing your photos easily accessible and fun to do. By applying photographic filters, you’ll design great pictures, even when you’re outside and on the move. Choose from a set of predefined filters in the app, and then adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the images.

It’s possible to link PixTrix to your Facebook profile and upload the edited pictures directly to your profile. You also can save them back in your phone’s photo album.

Taken together, you’ll organize all of your editing needs to work with photos while you’re on the move.

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