What Will You Be Printing in 2023?

A brief look back over the history of computer printers shows us that there have been huge advances in this industry in recent years. Even as relatively recently as the 1990s an affordable home printer seemed like a distant dream. The fact that we can now buy low cost printers which perform incredibly well means that it is now possible to think about what we might all be printing in a decade’s time.


3D Stuff

There seems to be no doubt that 3D printing is going to take off big time in the next 10 years or so. It seems that hardly a day goes by without a breathtaking new story coming out telling us about how someone has printed off an amazing sculpture, a gun or an artificial limb.

At the moment this is a field which appears to be wide open for development and it isn’t clear exactly how we might use 3D printing art home in the future. However, it already seems clear that it is going to be a huge help in industries such as space exploration, vehicle design and medical research. At home you might end up printing off your new phone handset and even your clothes in 2023.

The Same Things You Print Now

Of course, life isn’t just about printing out exciting 3D objects, is it? There seems to be no doubt that in ten years time we will still need a lot of the stuff which we print right now from our computers. The late night email from your boss telling what tomorrow’s meeting is about, the birthday card you lovingly designed for your mother and the directions to get to your friend’s new house are all still going to need to get printed if you want a hard copy of them.

The growing use of mobile devices means that we often have more information with us wherever we go now but the need to sometimes print pieces of paper isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon.  In fact, you might even find that you start to print more over time if you switch to working from home or use your PC as part of an integrated home entertainment system.

Who Knows?

One of the most exciting themes we can see in the history of home printer use to date is that it has been unexpected almost every step of the way. In 1993 or 2003 who would have believed that by now we would be able to get hold of such inexpensive and high quality printers and access so many different sources of material on the internet? Of course, it helps that we can also get low cost recycled printer cartridges from the likes of http://www.toners4less.co.uk/ too, as this really cuts down on the cost of filling it up with ink. All in all, the low cost and ease of use when it comes to home printers means that we are already something of a golden age which we should try and enjoy.

What about yourself? You have any ideas what sort of stuff that we might be printing in 2023?

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