Weirdest and Coolest Gadgets on eBay

eBay, since it was founded in 1995, is a notable success story from the dot-com bubble. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it is primarily a multinational consumer-to-consumer corporation, with localized business operations in over thirty countries and is currently valued as a multi-billion dollar business.

With the scale that eBay is operating, and with the amount of items being sold on the site, it is but expected that a number of bizarre and crazy weird gadgets could be purchased on the platform. As such, we have listed below some interesting finds you may see on eBay, as well if you find these gadgets expensive enough, you should probably try to avail coupon codes as they might cut down the prices to a point where it becomes affordable for example from ebay india offer codes. If you are looking for something unique to your loved ones, then these items could be of help to you. Read on!

Exploding Pen (£2.20)

         Exploding Pen

If you are the type of person that loves to play tricks on people, this Exploding Pen is one gadget that you should always have in your arsenal. You setup this trick pen and when somebody takes the top pen cover off, it makes a really loud bang that would surely scare your victim. (link)

Handy Education Piano (£32.69)

Handy Education Piano

For those who would want to study how to play the piano, this device lets you learn the craft anywhere you go. According to the manufacturer, it fits every hand and is capable of producing three sounds: piano, bell and cat. It is made in Japan and is powered by an LR44 battery. (link)

Moving Butterfly in a Jar (£32.69)

Moving Butterfly in Jar

Are you interested in insects but do not want the hassle of feeding or taking care of them? Then this one is for you. Another fascinating find from the folks in Japan, this Moving Butterfly in a Jar looks like a real butterfly fluttering around in a jar. Whenever the lid of the jar is tapped, the wire holding the butterfly wiggles, thus creating the very realistic illusion of the butterfly fluttering around. (link)

Gun Alarm Clock (£12.59)

Gun Alarm Clock

Do you find it difficult to wake up to the tune of your clock’s alarm sound? This alarm clock might be for you. Wake up in style and start your day with a bang with this Gun Alarm Clock. Shoot the target in the bull’s eye using the gun’s laser pointer to disable the alarm. (link)

Digital UFO LED Alarm Clock (£10.50)

Digital UFO Alarm Clock

An alternative to the Gun Alarm Clock mentioned above, the Digital UFO LED Alarm Clock promises to fix your trouble getting up in the morning. Simply set the alarm clock at the required time and it automatically shoots the attached propeller unit into the air while sounding its alarm sound. (link)

Universal BS Detector Watch (£16.31)

Universal BS Detector Watch

Had enough BS with the people you deal with? Let the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch help you out. Attractively designed, this quartz watch with sound and light effects fits any wrist size. A perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor. (link)

Spy Watch Bond 007 (£62.12)

Spy Watch Bond 007

If you are into more classy and stylish watches, then this one is more suited for you. Rugged, covert, and waterproof, the Spy Watch Bond 007 captures surveillance videos and pictures that will surely help you capture your enemies and competitors.  (link)

Everlasting Match Box Lighter (£3.45)

Everlasting Match Box Lighter

Are you fond of smoking? Then the Everlasting Match Box Lighter might be for you. A cigarette lighter designed to function similar to a box of matches, you would surely have fun showcasing this gadget to friends. The lighter is divided into two: (1) a rectangular box part that you strike the match on and that contains the lighter fluid, and (2) a match part made of metal that strikes the rectangular box, creating sparks when struck on the flint on one side of the box and ignites the wick on the end of the match. (link)

Remote Control Fart Machine (£3.45)

Remote Control Fart Machine

For pranksters out there, this high quality wireless remote controlled fart machine comes with 15 different hilarious, disgusting, weird and realistic fart sounds which are sure to amuse or embarrass anyone who hears them. (link)

Mirror Spy Sunglasses (£3.83)

Mirror Spy Glasses

Although ordinary-looking, this pair of sunglasses has a part of each lens covered with a special coating that allows you to look behind you! Great for spy work where you want to watch someone without them knowing, you can stand with your back to them and still see what they are doing. (link)

Source: eBay

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