Top 3 Apps for Expecting Parents

Motherhood is a huge turning point for any woman (and men). In the mist of reading baby books and doing research on cribs for your newborn, the last thing on your mind is probably technology. But you would be surprised to find out just how useful technology can be during this time. Here are some of the most useful apps, to ease your stress while taking care of yourself and your baby.


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When a woman finds out that she is expecting, there is such a huge range of emotions along with a slight feeling of panic for the unknown. ImExpecting is a huge help in easing this anxiety; this app is one that can be used all throughout the term of your pregnancy. It provides a calendar in which you can schedule your doctor’s appointments as well as share information with them.  There are also fun features that will tell you the growth progression of your baby, and be able to interact with other moms about the symptoms and concerns that you may have. This provides a community in which will definitely ease your mind about becoming a mother.


The BabyFace app gives you a break from the seriousness of pregnancy and allows you to have some fun. The Babyface app predicts your child’s physical traits by letting you enter characteristics from each parent and calculating the appearance. The question every parent and family member wants answered is who does that baby look like? This app allows you to answer that question although accuracy may be minimal it is entertaining and worth a look.


M (which stand for men) is an app for all of those expecting fathers out there. mPregnancy a great app to get daddys prepared for the birth of their newborn baby and for fatherhood in general. This app is a great tool which uses male friendly lingo to help teach your partner about the baby’s development, how to prepare the nursery. It even has a countdown for when the baby is due. Although some of the presentation in the app is a bit cheesy and stereotypical, it is one of the few apps designed to prepare men for the birth of a child.

These apps are just a few of the ones that can help expecting parents prepare for the unexpected and help calm those nerves for both the mother and father to be. No matter the road that was taken to become a parent, whether using the egg donation process or the traditional process, parenthood is an important and special time and these apps can help you become ready.

Article by: Miles Young

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