The Boddie Smartwatch for everyboddie!

Another concept of smartwatch, well this could be not-so-new but it has all the exciting features that we already knew from Sony smartwatch and the fanboy-dreamed concept of iWatch. A European start-up Rearden Technology through a crowdfunding campaign from Indiegogo plans to enter the smartwatch market with its own “smartwatch for everyboddie” or “your smart boddie —-smart buddy” meet, the Boddie Smartwatch. As of the time of writing, you have 55 days to have the $100,000 goal funds to have the Boddie smartwatch into production. If ever Rearden meet its needed funds, expects Boddie to enter production in late-2013 or early-2014, with shipping anticipated in March 2014. Read more pass through the virtual jump for the full press release and specifications.


Here are Boddie Smartwatch’s key features:

Boddie will connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, enabling you to:

  • display smartphone battery level,
  • display notifications from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms,
  • monitor email and calendar alerts,
  • display text messages,
  • view and accept or reject incoming calls,
  • control your music player,
  • remotely release camera shutter,
  • locate your smartphone if misplaced,
  • remotely lock it if it’s lost or stolen,
  • navigate slide presentations with simple gestures using our dedicated control app for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms,
  • monitor and record your workout statistics using the dedicated fitness app,
  • count calories,
  • enjoy a more balanced life.

Boddie is designed with the following specifications:

  • 1.44” display,
  • enough battery for 7 days of usage on a single charge,
  • 2x MSP430 microcontrollers,
  • 2x 16 KB of RAM,
  • BT 4.0/BLE for connection,
  • dedicated OS,
  • microUSB port,
  • accelerometer, gyroscope, 2 thermometers and digital compass.
  • all of these are hidden inside a high-end, aluminum unibody enclosure.

Press Release

Rearden Technology Embarks on Crowdfunding Initiative to Accelerate Development of New Boddie Smartwatch

European Company Brings Unique Perspective to Smartwatch Category

Lodz, POLAND – (May 31, 2013) – Rearden Technology, a European start-up with ambitious plans to enter the burgeoning smartwatch market, today launched its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to enable the company to begin production of its Boddie smartwatch. Rearden’s vision for Boddie is centered on the idea that a perfectly designed smartwatch should connect us with the technology devices we use on an everyday basis, while simultaneously alleviating the need to be constantly tethered to these devices. The end result is Boddie – a smartwatch that effortlessly connects you to your music, phone, texts and social networks. But equally important, Boddie makes it easy to disconnect when necessary – helping people reclaim the balance that’s been disrupted by the need to feel connected at all hours of the day.

“While mobile technology has liberated us to stay connected whenever and wherever we are, this “always-on” mentality often prevents us from living in the moment, and we suffer as a result,” said Paweł Tomczyk, Rearden Technology’s CEO. “We all struggle for balance in our digital lives, so we created Boddie to help people keep that balance in check.”

More than just a smartwatch, Boddie becomes an extension of the user’s smartphone. By providing a seamless link to the smartphone, Boddie eases the common compulsion of needing to always have one’s phone in hand to remain connected. Boddie provides users a discreet way to monitor social media alerts, text messages, calendar events and email notifications. These functionalities alone greatly reduce how frequently the user must check their phone to remain in touch.

Gesture control also plays prominently into Boddie’s design and functionality. Simple gestures allow the user to answer or reject a phone call. In addition, a subtle wrist gesture allows the user to remotely control slideshows in both Mac and PC environments.

While Boddie excels as a partner in productivity, it also enhances one’s lifestyle with functions such as the ability to remotely trigger the camera shutter to take the perfect picture without the hassle of a self-timer, or to use Boddie to navigate one’s music library. And workouts are made easier with the ability to capture important data such as calories burned and distances walked, and later export that information via Boddie’s iOS and Android apps.

Boddie gives users an intuitive way to bridge the most important aspects of their lives – from lifestyle to fitness to business. Indiegogo contributors have the opportunity to help bring Boddie to market with funding contributions starting at just $1. Contributors can choose from the following options:

$1 – subscription to the latest Boddie news

$5 – subscription + become part of our Hall of Fame

$39 – all of the above + a special Boddie tee shirt

$99 – early bird Boddie! (white, limited to 100)

$129 – Boddie in choice of either black or white

$159 – “Extra Backer” pack – Boddie + everything from the $39 tier

$189 – Boddie in the (R)evolutionary Limited Edition color (limited to 300 pieces) + the tee

Rearden Technology’s Indiegogo campaign begins May 31, 2013, and will run for two months. Visit to learn more about Boddie, and to help support the company as it prepares to bring its new smartwatch to market.

About Rearden Technology

Founded in 2012, Rearden Technology is a privately held start-up headquartered in Lodz, Poland. The company’s founders have a combined 15 years of experience in various entrepreneurial endeavors, bringing together expertise in product development, engineering and design. The company’s debut product – the Boddie smartwatch – is currently in development and is expected to enter production in mid-2013.

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