Sony revealed PlayStation 4 console

After teasing with its peripherals –the controller and the Eye as well as some titles to further excites its gaming crowd, the Japanese gaming giant Sony finally unveiled its prime console, the PlayStation 4!


Forget about the fancy curves and vibrant color for the PS4, the console and its peripheral devices comes in elegant matte black. There’s just a strip of purple dividing the PS4’s sharp-edge tower. Mostly, just seriously plain looking console like the Xbox One though the PS4 has an slightly angled profile which seemed to add a more aggressive profile as a gaming console. Apparently, it’s not that fancy-shiny looking compared to PS3.

Sony PlayStation 4 Specs Sheet


You can check out the full details of here: Sony PlayStation 4. As well you can also view some of the titles and packages offered.

You can also compare it to Xbox One, and see which one is more compatible to your gaming preferences.

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