Self-destructing email inch closer to reality

You’re reading it right, self-destructing email –seemed to be a throwback from “Mission Impossible” aired almost back in 1966, where after almost 50 years today’s advance technology could finally made it to reality.


One of America’s largest carrier AT&T has filed a patent late last year for a system of self-destructing e-mail from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent’s abstract explains that when the self-destructing email is received, the message will be destroyed based from the destruction date associated with it. The sender also can set the destruction timeline of the message and along with the operations that maybe performed on a self-destructing e-mail. Added information, shows that all e-mail instances from the recipient’s computer will be deleted and also reported that there is also an option where the e-mail message can be destroyed when the recipient opened and closed the message.

For high-profile or very sensitive messages, this type of electronic messaging system will be keep the information safe against breech since it’ll have a definite time of deletion.

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