Brits lead the way in mobile social networking

Britons lead the way in mobile social networking, with more than a third (37%) of UK users taking to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via their handheld devices.

The Lebara infographic on mobile phone usage around the world gives a visual breakdown of how much people in different countries use their phones to call, text and consume data such as picture and video. Using data from a study by Pew Research Center and the United Nations, it reveals mobile phone ownership and changes in use.

It illustrates the global penetration of mobile phones and highlights differences in how people in various countries make the most of the technology in their hands.

For example, social networking on mobiles is more widespread in the UK than any other European country. In Mexico, people are more likely to text than call. And Japanese mobile phone owners are most likely to use their gadgets as media players.

The infographic also shows that the Chinese population owns more mobiles per capita than Japan, but just 1% uses social networking sites on their mobile. Middle Eastern nations show a higher prevalence of mobile social networking, in particular Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

Highest overall mobile ownership is seen in Spain, where 95% of the population have a mobile.  Pakistan has seen by far the biggest 10-year growth in terms of subscriptions between 2001 and 2011, with a massive 14,564% rise.

Overall call and SMS usage between Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa & Middle East are fairly consistent, but in terms of data use (for viewing photos and videos or browsing the internet), users in the Americas are the biggest consumers at 66%, compared with Africa & Middle East users at 41%.

The infographic paints a picture of not only growing mobile ownership in the past 10 years, but also demonstrates how users in different markets communicate and consume through their gadgets.

Mobile Phone Usage Across the World

Infographic by Lebara

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