The Best Home Security Gadgets for 2013

There are now more ways than ever before of keeping your property safe. The range of security gadgets on offer is impressive these days. Best of all, there are smart gadgets which cost very little money as well as ones which costs thousands of pounds. In fact, one of the best ones is even free.


An ADT Smartphone App

We all know that having a reliable burglar alarm is one of the most important aspects of any approach to home security. However, wouldn’t it be even better if you could monitor and control it even when you were far from home? That is exactly what the ADT smartphone app offers, and it doesn’t cost a penny to download. As long you have an ADT alarm system you can use this app on your Android or Apple device to control it and to also do things like look after your property’s heating and lighting.

A Biometric Fingerprint Reader

This next gadget isn’t free but it isn’t as expensive as you might think. For around £1,000 you can get hold of a customized fingerprint reader. What this means is that your front door, your safe or any other important door or access point could be protected from anyone but you getting in. The most advanced systems let you program in access details for anyone who might occasionally need access, even if it is only to certain parts of the property.

A Modern Intercom

Intercom systems have been used as a way of screening visitors for some time now. However, modern ones like the Siemens Gigaset offer more functions than you might expect. The intercom handset can be integrated into your phone system, for a start. Perhaps even more useful is the fact that you can get calls forwarded to your mobile phone, which means that even when you are out it appears to anyone standing outside your door that you are actually in. The price for this intercom is a little over £200.

A Virtual Fence

Another interesting, hi tech way of keeping your premises secure is by using as virtual fence such as OmniTrax. This is an expensive investment, as it could easily cost you over £50,000. This hefty price tag would help explain why it is generally only used currently in nuclear sites, celebrity homes and some prisons. So how does it work? Well, cables which act as sensors are buried along the perimeter of the property which is to be protected. This system then links up with the home’s CCTV cameras. An optional extra is to get a message texted to the property owner and to the police if an intruder enters the protected area.

A Hidden Wall Safe

Enough of the hi tech, expensive security gadgets for a minute. What about another one which is simple and hardly costs any money? If this sounds like the kind of thing you are after then maybe you would like a wall safe. Ah, but don’t they cost a lot of money? One product which costs very little is the Hidden Wall Safe. This little device is set up to look exactly like one of your electrical wall sockets. They cost just a few pounds and let you put some valuables or important documents in a place very people are likely to look.

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